Voice & Accent Trainer

A voice & accent trainer is a person who trains executives for speaking in a way that is understandable by all. The voice and accent trainer is a person who helps executives pronounce works flawlessly and transparently articulate them. They are responsible for teaching or instructing junior executives at customer service centres in the art of speaking in a clarified way. With decent voice training and presentation, the personnel in the BPO sector should display a fresh accent. The voice & accent trainers hone the speech skills of the incumbents who want to carve their niche in the industry.

The accent and voice training specialist is responsible for grooming the BPO employees and refine them in all the corporate norms and parameters. Accent trainers train employees to become professionals who are ready to face the callers and the industry. They undertake pains for shaping an entrant in a trade a prepared BPO executive. They train the executive in linguistic abilities, keeping a keen eye on the perfection of the pronunciation of the employee. They also teach the employee how to pitch the client. The instructor also trains them in the subtlety of being polite to the caller or customer.

The persons are also trained in call centre terminology. The trainer maintains the aspect of voice modulation is making sure that during the conversation, the voice of the person remains steady and pleasant without pitching to high or low. It must never falter while speaking to a customer. They educate BPO executives in aspects like differences in time zones. The employee needs to deal with overseas clients in USA, UK or Australia and this is why they need to be aware of the time zones of these places. The voice and accent trainer also imparts cross-cultural training which will help them while interacting with clients from different parts of the globe.