Oracle candidates are required to create and maintain all the databases which are required for the education, testing, development and production usage. They perform the task of capacity planning for creating and maintaining databases. The job of the database administrator or DBA, as they are known, is to work in close collaboration with the system administration staff as computers generally have tools or applications along with the Oracle databases. They perform the tuning system of the database instances. They install new versions of different kinds of tools which access the database such as Oracle RDBMS and more. the professional helps in the planning and implementation of the recovery and backup of the database.

Oracle administrators are required to control the migration of programs, changes in reference data and database through its development life cycle. One of their main tasks is disaster management. The database architect needs to be extremely skilled for the purpose of avoiding and preventing any sort of disaster to the data which is an important and often confidential aspect of a business. If there is any major failure, the person should be able to recover the disaster without creating much loss to the company by keeping a backup on a regular basis.

The Oracle administrator analyzes the database, making sure that they provide maximum performance and enhance the profit quotient of the business. They also need to configure the hardware as well as install or update software whenever it is required. They ensure saving and security expenses, two important aspects of any business. The Oracle expert uses advanced tools for monitoring purposes. They track and audit the database management functions on a large scale. The role of the Oracle professional is undisputed for a large business house. They provide additional support and increase profits for the company.