Medical Representative

A medical representative is also known as a medical sales representative. They are the key link between the pharmaceutical and medical companies and healthcare professionals. The sell the products of their company including medicines, medical equipment and prescription drugs to different customers including general practices, pharmacies, hospitals, and PCTs or primary care trusts. They are also responsible for working strategically for increasing awareness and use of their company’s medical and pharmaceutical products. The medical sales reps are generally based in a particular geographical location and are specialized in a certain product or area of medical science.

The medical representative might also have to make presentations and organize group events for the healthcare professionals. They can also work as contacts on an individual basis. In any occasion, the work activities involve selling by contracting potential customers, locating their needs, telling them that your product or service is efficient in serving their needs better than that of your competitors’. They are also required to close the sale by agreeing with the terms and conditions. They cater after sales service as well. Medical representatives do all this and much more. If you are to become a medical representative, the first preference for employers is for you to be a graduate with the necessary qualifications.

Some of them would be in the field of life sciences, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry or nursing. The new recruits usually receive an initial period which is usually of 6 months of intensive training. This will be followed with guidance from experienced sales staff. A lot of new sales executives also take the relevant examinations within the first few years of joining. A common requirement might be the possession of a driving license. Medical representatives are responsible for answering queries, promoting product awareness, providing helpful advice and introducing new products.