FMCG Sales Marketing

Working in the sales marketing FMCG segment is a service which requires the person to have a friendly personality and the capability to sell almost anything to anyone. Sales might not be a field meant for everyone, but then it is a great profession to be in, if you have the drive for promoting products which people need in their daily life. FMCG or the Fast Moving Consumer Goods are commercial products that are not durable or last long in the market like pre-packaged foods. People purchase and consume them and get back to the store for more. It is the job of the person to push the products and have people buy them.

Being in sales is not an easy job as it requires education and training. The most important factor is to know how and when you have to help people so that they can find what they want. Previously, FMCG was considered as only food and groceries; today it has expanded to other products which people can buy like cell phones, digital cameras or other electronic products. You need to consider the subcategory you like to work for as there are many of them. Make sure you study the field thoroughly.

You can always receive training as you are on the job, but it helps if you are informed in the relevant field and have knowledge of what you will sell. This is what employers look for. Some products that are FMCGs are kitchen appliances and refrigerators. There are various kinds of sales opportunities in the food or grocery industry. If you think that you are good at promoting products, you should go for an FMCG sales position. Low level and entry level positions will require high school education. Associates and bachelor’s degrees are available for pursuing store owner positions.