An airhostess is also known as a flight attendant. She is responsible for the lives of thousands of people on a weekly basis. Their responsibilities include demonstrating the safety measures to the passengers and serving drinks and meals. Some of them also help passengers relax, especially in times of high turbulence. They are also required to perform administrative roles for their employers and captains. You need to be extremely friendly and attentive on the job and excellent customer and communication skills. The safety responsibilities of air hostesses include ensuring that all passengers are seated and secure before the plane lands or takes off.

The duties also include securing the main door on the flight and instructing passengers on all the safety measures. These include demonstration of the use of passenger cushions, floatation devices and oxygen masks. You will also cover the emergency evacuation procedures during crashes or emergency landings apprising passengers of all the exits. Moreover, the air hostess makes sure that all the cabin devices are operational prior to flight. Air hostesses are expected to provide unique customer services during the flight since the business is extremely competitive.

The service duties would include passing the pillows and reading materials before the takeoff. You can even provide special services like getting booster seats for tots or accompanying elderly passengers on and off the plane. The air hostess also serves snacks, drinks and meals on flights, and collects glasses, trays and trash before landing. The administrative responsibilities of the air hostess include counting of inventory before and after a flight and reconciling the payments that are received from the marketed items. They report any incidents which occur during flights and this includes medical emergencies. They are also adept at cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Any clinical help provided by them is reported to the airline company and the flight’s captain.