Accountant jobs vary on the basis of the roles and specialization required. Most accountants are engaged in job responsibilities that are similar and their common duties include tasks which are related to financial planning, reporting, budgeting and advising the clients, government or the management. The different types of accounting jobs that are available include aspects like where you work and the type of duties you perform. Public accountants work for corporations or government organizations. They are responsible for specialized accounting services like forensic accounting, taxation, and consultancy. Government accountants work along various levels of the government to make sure that all the spending is done by complying with various levels of government.

Government accountants should keep as well as maintain the accounting records of different government agencies and analyze and interpret the records. A few government accountants are engaged in auditing the citizens according to the rules and regulations of the state. The internal auditor is required to handle the jobs of large corporations and businesses to make sure that the industry, governmental and company rules are followed. They help in monitoring the financial activities in a business organization in order to prevent waste and fraud of any kind.

Management accountants are in charge of keeping, maintaining as well as analyzing the financial records of a business organization. They may be employed with public or private organizations, non-profit organizations or individual clients. These accountants play a very important role in shaping the financial future of an organization and are closely associated with the strategic business plans and decisions that are taken by the management. The activities of an accountant also include cost accounting, budgeting, employee evaluation, financial planning and asset management. The field of accounting or the accountant position will remain a prestigious position irrespective of the qualifications of the person concerned.